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Oceana August

Oceana August smile JollyWallet is a great gratuitous website to utilize if you are an immensely colossal online shopper. You can shop from one of jolly wallets 3000+ stores and get cash back. It's absolutely free to join with no obliterated fees. It will give you cash back into your PayPal account as you buy items from their stores. Look out for coupons or other deals while shopping. If you are a sizable voluminous shopper, I would highly recommend JollyWallet. smile

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Joseph Harding

Joseph Harding Surprisingly, considering how many I have tried, Jollywallet has been my go-to as far as cashback applications go. I am a huge online shopper, especially with the holiday season, and I love that I get a little perk with every online purchase that I make. I love to find these deals myself, but I just don't have time to search around, especially since there are so many dead ends out there. This is a nice little bonus when you shop online that works in the background.

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Goranco Petrovski

Goranco Petrovski This is a good service right here. The best features for it is the fact that you get paid right into your pay pal account for your cash back rewards. That is convenient and easy. The other thing that's great about it is the green light that pops up if you are on a website where you can get cash back on, in your browser. That way you can know you can save at that website right away. It sort of reminds you that you can save, so you don't have to worry about forgetting.

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Shihan Mahfuz

Shihan Mahfuz TheJollywallet app is a great way to save money in online shopping. It is very easy to download and simple to register an account. It is 100 % free and there are no hidden fees. More than 3000 retailers are linked with it. Just shop through the Jollywallet app and start to get cash back.

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Nick No

Nick No This is another free way to make some cash with no effort. It's ideal for me as I love to shop online but am also a frugal shopper. So I appreciate any chance I get to save money or make a few buck. The other bonus of the payment is conveniently done through Paypal so no personal credit card nor banking information has to be shared.

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Bree Adder

Bree Adder I've been using JollyWallet for a while now, and so far, so good. It was easy to set up, and it doesn't slow down my browser, like some add-ons/exts do. It's been great so far, I've already started Christmas shopping and I'm already saving money.

Recommended for those who do any shopping online.

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Patrick Hamblin

Patrick Hamblin Until now I've used a lot of seedy websites to get my cashback deals, and more than often something technical would go wrong, and I'd get no money back! I'm glad someone finally made an easy to use, all-in-on plugin for cashback shoppers like me. I highly recommend it! It could save you tons of money in the long run!


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Dar I have downloaded this software about 2 months ago and I am really happy that I did.
It is easy to use and it is a legitimate application. We all shop online. Why not get cash back from major retailers like Target and such? It is a no-brainer!!!! You can't loose anything. Just try it! smile

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Guest This app is an unwanted application/and adware: Adware.Plugin.22/ Win32:Crossrider-C [PUP].

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Yulian Rohmy

Yulian Rohmy Dear User!
Thank you for the report, our in-built antivirus Software Informer check also detected that the program is unsafe for using. The Download link was removed from this page.

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jesse I love the application, it allows me to earn back a percentage on things I need to buy anyways. I can do all my shopping from all major stores like Best Buy, GNC, Toys R us. Simple, fast and effective way to be a smart informed consumer. This application is a must have for anyone who does online purchases.

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Patrick I am yet to download this, but this does look very relevant and useful for someone like me. I do a fair amount of online shopping and saving money is one of the first things I'll spend time on. JollyWallet looks very simple and straight to the point! It provides you with useful coupons and easy cashback just from having it installed on your browser. Just from reading on the main website about this makes me tempted to try it myself! Definitely something I'll make use of!

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Dan JollWallet cash back is a great product, I just enjoy my shopping a little more than before.

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Bill Wood

Bill Wood If you spend as much time (and money) shopping online as I do why not get something back. It is a necessary convenience to shop online today with our busy lives so enjoy the benefits of JolleyWallet to get some cash back at many online retailers. Since I used it I haven't looked back. Rated 5 stars.

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Rezaul Razu

Rezaul Razu It's been 3 months I am with JollyWallet. I would highly recommend this for those person who wants to save money and needs help when they are straggling to fill up their needed things. If you try JollyWallet, then you can understand how much helpful for you it is. So I request to you, please, try once, I hope you will like it.

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Austin I'm not the kind of person to shop online too often, as going to the store and seeing the items in reality gives me a reason to buy the item. The only factor that sets online shopping apart from reality shopping is its price. Shopping online will save you an overwhelming amount of money alone but as if that wasn't enough - JollyWallet plans to save you even more. Although I haven't used it as much as I should, the program has proved to be successful on numerous occasions by saving me a few dollars here and there for different orders. I would highly recommend this for anyone who wants to save money (Lets be real, who doesn't love to save money?).

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